The venue

The competition will be hosted at the AMC’s mountainboard and mountainbike park, in Venette, near Compi├Ęgne, an hour away from Paris.

The park was built in 2009 and underwent construction and improvements many times, and will go through more work in the Spring of 2017. Come back for more recent pictures!

Overview of the venue for the Mountainboard World Championships


The freestyle section consists of a main line with three jumps, a large quarterpipe, and other smaller jumps and modules, including a mini ramp.

Photo of the Freestyle section for the Mountainboard World Championships


The boardercross course will be modified for this event and was made longer with an emphasis on making berms wider to encourage passing maneuvers.

Photo of the boardercross track for the Mountainboard World Championships

This is a 4-person race course, and it is very different from the one in Novi Sad, Serbia, which hosted the last few boardercross championships.
The Serbian track is famous for being really fast, and it repeatedly tests riders’ confidence and ability to handle speed, whereas the course in Venette is less fast but has a lot of features like rollers and table tops, meaning it is accessible to all riders and will also provide lots of opportunities for overtaking.
Expect a lot of close races and spectacular maneuvers!