2017 results are in! Check them out! Now updated with boardercross times!

Important! Our friends Matheus and Lucas had their video equipment stolen at the event. Please consider donating so that the mountainboard community can show how much it cares for its riders. Click to Donate Now!

The AMC, Compiègne’s mountainboarding club and the International Mountainboarding Association are proud to present the 2017 Mountainboard World Championships!

The competition will be held in Venette, France (near Compiègne, in the Oise region) from July 13th to the 15th, and for the first time, we’ll have both Boardercross and Freestyle at the same time!

We’ll have 4 categories: Junior, Ladies, Masters and Open.

This year’s event promises to be exciting! Will someone steal the podium from Matt Brind who won the last 3 editions of the Boardercross?
As for Freestyle, well there hasn’t been a World Freestyle Championship in several years, so riders from all over the world will be eager to show their skills and new tricks.

With a very accessible track, riders of all levels are guaranteed to have a good time, so we invite you to join us and register early!